My falcon and semi obselete studer tape machine

End of Days in LA

Hey, I’m back in California now and have been very busy finishing off the album. I did manage to take a bit of time to snap a few photos as from the feedback I’ve had I know these have been really popular and you’ve enjoyed a bit of a behind the scenes view in the studio. You can see my pics here… My Fender Esquire, Nash Strat and Signature Falcon arrive at the studio… Fender/Gibson about to have a shoot out at the KO coral… My Falcon (prototype 002) and semi obsolete Studer tape machine… Dinner break .. the humans have… Read the full article.


Hey, As I come to the end of a couple of very enjoyable weeks back in England I thought I send out a quick news update before I head back to California and get busy again finishing off the album. Signed Poster Sold Out... I’m pleased to announce that the launch of the first in the series of three Fine Art Screen Prints celebrating my Gibson Les Paul Guitars was a great success and following on from the Falcon set sold out in less than a day. Les Paul ‘Red’ Series #2 will be coming later this month so keep… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy Chatting to Woody Woodmansey

Back in the UK…

“I’m currently back in the UK catching up with family and friends so took the opportunity to see James Stevenson playing with Holy Holy in Liverpool. It was an amazing evening of early Bowie genius, curated to perfection by Tony Visconti. ‘Spider’ Woody Woodmansey did a masterclass in understated powerful musical 70s rock drumming and it was a privilege to witness him close up from stage side. Also a special shout out to Glen Gregory for the difficult job of channeling Bowie. Here’s a few pics… Hanging at the soundcheck. After the soundcheck I got to spend some time chatting… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy's Tour Guitars Racked & Ready

New live band, new album, new guitar, new posters, new competition…

Hey, After such a busy time working on the new album it was great to get back on stage playing live, even though it was only for a few dates. It was a fantastic four shows and the first featuring our new live line up with Damon Fox on keys and second guitar and Jimmy Ashurst on Bass. It’s been in our minds for a while to change up the live show and make some new challenges especially with the new music coming very soon. These shows have allowed us to put a toe in the water in that regard. The… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy with Gretsch White Falcon in a comfy chair!

Back in the Studio – May 2015

Hey, I’ve just finished an intense week in Maui with long hours in the studio working hard on phase two of recording for the new Cult album. For these sessions I left my guitars and backline in California and hooked up with some really cool gear including some with a real ‘rock n roll’ history! Click on this link to check out the photos taken by me and the guys at Aala Recordings… Guitarmaggedon in Maui… Now that these sessions are finished I’m looking forward to getting out there for these few  dates in a couple of weeks; June 4th… Read the full article.


In The Studio – April 2015

“I’ve been back in the studio working on phase one of the album proper so here’s a few photos I’ve shot of my gear…” THE BOSS GUITAR “Ready to rock… iced coffee and the BD Signature Falcon (the prototype 002).” THE HEADS “My Marshall JCM800 still standing after all the years of abuse (from both me and Jonesy) and Friedmans.” GR-8 CRATES “These are my flight cases used to protect my amps and cabinets on tour as well as in storage between tours. The G (Guitar) is just for my gear so the crew at the shows know to load them to my… Read the full article.

Win a Gretsch Guitars Book signed by Billy Duffy

First live shows of 2015 plus win a Gretsch Guitars book signed by Billy…

Hey, Since the last update I’ve gone back into the studio for Pre-Production Part Deux! After my last post of photos from the studio I had a few questions as to why the gear that I’ve been using is different to my stage rig. The answer is that in pre-pro I tend to use the pedals that have been kicking about in my house while I’m writing whilst the smaller combos are just a logistical thing in that I can throw them in the back of the car easier than my big touring rig. You’ll also notice from this latest photo… Read the full article.

History of my Picks and new pedals…

Hey, Since I was last in touch I’ve mainly been busy in the studio in Pre-Production working on the new Cult album… but more of that in a bit. First I want to share this video put together by my pals at Dunlop as I think it’s ace. It’s a short interview with the story of how I came to start using their Herco picks back in the Seventies after receiving one from one of my guitar heroes. Watch the interview now… BACK IN THE STUDIO… As those of you who keep up with my updates will know I’ve been… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy's Gretsch White Falcon and Nash Esquire guitars

Pre Production – February 2015

“Here’s a few photos that I’ve taken of my gear in the studio for pre-production…” THE BOSS GUITAR “My Gretsch Signature Billy Duffy Falcon making it’s first appearance on Cult recordings.” THE LES PAULS “My Gibson Custom Shop ‘Flame Top’ Les Paul and Gold Top Les Paul 1957 Reissue.” PRE PRODUCTION RIG “This is kind of a compact mini rig for pre production and basically it’s a Roland JC-77 which is a like my JC-120 but smaller with two 10 inch speakers. The amp next to it is from a San Diego company called Satellite and it’s was cool too….. more about them later once… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy & Billy Gibbons at AdoptTheArts benefit January 2015

Back at NAMM & supporting Adopt the Arts…

Hey, I’ve had a great January and been keeping busy with plenty of music related stuff. Over the last few days I’ve spent some time hanging at NAMM which is one of the biggest music trade shows in the world and lucky for me pretty close, as it’s held in California. I was back there with Gretsch showcasing my signature Falcon which most of you will know plenty about. I can’t believe that it’s been two years since it was officially launched at NAMM in 2012 but as the cliché goes time flies when you’re having fun 😉 Catching up… Read the full article.