Jamming with Jonesy

Live & Dangerous…

The band was on fire on throughout the Primal Cult tour and lots of people have said it was the best sound we’ve ever had! Damon Fox does an amazing job on keyboards (and second guitar) and I think that it’s changed the emphasis of the band a bit to create a more mature sound reminiscent of the Sonic Temple and Ceremony era tours. It also allows us to take more chances with the arrangements live and make the whole show much more dynamic as a result. Grant Fitzpatrick also joined us on bass and as a kid in Australia… Read the full article.

The Cult 'Hidden City' cover

New Album release news… tour dates & the Black Falcon!

Hidden City Well, the big news that you’ve all been waiting for is finally here and I’m pleased to say that ‘Hidden City’ the new Cult album has arrived to pre-order with an official release date of 5th February 2016. I’m very proud of it and more so that Ian and I are still making new music in this era of bands constantly rehashing and touring old music. You can pre-order various white vinyl editions exclusively from The Cult Store. If you can’t wait until February you can download the first track ‘Dark Energy’ on various sites including in Amazon… Read the full article.