Kings of Chaos… new Cult tour & more…

Hey, the last couple of weeks have been really busy as after finishing up recording on the album I had the Kings of Chaos charity show in San Francisco in support of the ‘Dolphin Project’.
Here’s a few pics that I took during rehearsals…

Ready to start...

Ready to start…

The set list... though some changed for the show...

The set list… though some changed for the show…

Yes folks I can change my own strings..... when I have to!

Yes folks I can change my own strings….. when I have to!

At the actual show the ‘house’ band featured Matt Sorum on Drums, Duff McKagen on Bass and Gilby Clarke on guitar and I got to play “Fire Woman” with Myles Kennedy on vocals,  “Love Removal Machine” with Sammy Hagar and then join the whole band for the finale of “Rock & Roll” and “Paradise City”.
It was a fantastic night of great music, with loads of friends PLUS it raised loads of $$$$ for the dolphins… so well done to Matt for pulling it all together!
Here’s a few pics from the show…

"Fire Woman" with Myles. Photo ©

“Fire Woman” with Myles. Photo ©

"Love Removal Machine" with Sammy. Photo © @ogscottuchida

“Love Removal Machine” with Sammy. Photo © @ogscottuchida

"Rock & Roll" with Sammy. Photo ©

“Rock & Roll” with Sammy. Photo ©

The whole gang. Photo ©

The whole gang. Photo ©


I’m really pleased to let you know that we’ve added in a few dates towards the end of this year but even your happy that a bunch of those are with our great pals Primal Scream!
For more info and tickets visit

The Cult & Primal Scream US Tour November  2015


If you haven’t checked out my #ISITADUFFY videos on my YouTube channels you should do now! Some have been Pretty (Vacant) Easy and some a bit more diffiCULT… but all fun!
You can them out here check out here…


Poster #2 sold out… poster #3 coming soon…

Thanks to everyone who bought #1 & #2 in the series of three Fine Art Screen Prints celebrating my Gibson Les Paul Guitars and helped them sell out sol quickly! I’m pleased to announce that Les Paul ‘Red’ Series #3 will be coming soon… I’ll be posting images and details of #3 on my Facebook, twitter and instagram pages so click on the links below to follow me if you haven’t done already.

So I’m off soon to finish up the mixing of The Cult album and look forward to you all hearing it in the new year either on your music player or live when we tour around the world!

I’ll be in touch soon

billy x