Billy Duffy and his signature Gretsch White Falcon

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“2013 is set to be a big year for me for a whole bunch of reasons. Probably the most import one at the moment is the launch of my Signature Gretsch White Falcon Guitar. I never could have believed when I saved up for my first one back in the Eighties that 30 years later Gretsch would be making one with my name on it! You can find out more about it here The next big news is that I’m just about to start writing new songs with Ian for a new Cult album and we’re going to be out… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy filming the Nokia challenge

Billy takes the Rock Guitar Challenge

Ever record a concert on your phone? Terrible, right? Not always… Nokia asked Billy to help them to see how good their Lumia 920 phone was at capturing his unique guitar sound. To make it a true test it was pitted against the 8X by HTC and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You can see the challenge for yourself here…