In The Studio – April 2015

“I’ve been back in the studio working on phase one of the album proper so here’s a few photos I’ve shot of my gear…” THE BOSS GUITAR “Ready to rock… iced coffee and the BD Signature Falcon (the prototype 002).” THE HEADS “My Marshall JCM800 still standing after all the years of abuse (from both me and Jonesy) and Friedmans.” GR-8 CRATES “These are my flight cases used to protect my amps and cabinets on tour as well as in storage between tours. The G (Guitar) is just for my gear so the crew at the shows know to load them to my… Read the full article.

Win a Gretsch Guitars Book signed by Billy Duffy

First live shows of 2015 plus win a Gretsch Guitars book signed by Billy…

Hey, Since the last update I’ve gone back into the studio for Pre-Production Part Deux! After my last post of photos from the studio I had a few questions as to why the gear that I’ve been using is different to my stage rig. The answer is that in pre-pro I tend to use the pedals that have been kicking about in my house while I’m writing whilst the smaller combos are just a logistical thing in that I can throw them in the back of the car easier than my big touring rig. You’ll also notice from this latest photo… Read the full article.

History of my Picks and new pedals…

Hey, Since I was last in touch I’ve mainly been busy in the studio in Pre-Production working on the new Cult album… but more of that in a bit. First I want to share this video put together by my pals at Dunlop as I think it’s ace. It’s a short interview with the story of how I came to start using their Herco picks back in the Seventies after receiving one from one of my guitar heroes. Watch the interview now… BACK IN THE STUDIO… As those of you who keep up with my updates will know I’ve been… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy's Gretsch White Falcon and Nash Esquire guitars

Pre Production – February 2015

“Here’s a few photos that I’ve taken of my gear in the studio for pre-production…” THE BOSS GUITAR “My Gretsch Signature Billy Duffy Falcon making it’s first appearance on Cult recordings.” THE LES PAULS “My Gibson Custom Shop ‘Flame Top’ Les Paul and Gold Top Les Paul 1957 Reissue.” PRE PRODUCTION RIG “This is kind of a compact mini rig for pre production and basically it’s a Roland JC-77 which is a like my JC-120 but smaller with two 10 inch speakers. The amp next to it is from a San Diego company called Satellite and it’s was cool too….. more about them later once… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy & Billy Gibbons at AdoptTheArts benefit January 2015

Back at NAMM & supporting Adopt the Arts…

Hey, I’ve had a great January and been keeping busy with plenty of music related stuff. Over the last few days I’ve spent some time hanging at NAMM which is one of the biggest music trade shows in the world and lucky for me pretty close, as it’s held in California. I was back there with Gretsch showcasing my signature Falcon which most of you will know plenty about. I can’t believe that it’s been two years since it was officially launched at NAMM in 2012 but as the cliché goes time flies when you’re having fun 😉 Catching up… Read the full article.

Brand new interview

Hey, It’s been a while but I’ve been pretty busy so I thought you might like to checkout this interview that I’ve recently done with Mitch Gallagher for Sweetwater Guitars & Gear. Its over 40 minutes long and covers lots of stuff like my time growing up in Manchester, being in the Nosebleeds with Morrissey, joining Theatre of Hate, forming The Cult with Ian, song writing as well as gear like my Signature Gretsch White Falcon, Roland JC-120 and love of Boss guitar pedals. Watch the interview now… I’ll be back in touch in the New Year as I’m now… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy Gretsch Trilogy Part 3

Limited Edition Signed Print – Part 3… Coming soon…

Hey, Since my last update I’ve been getting into the groove of things here in California with lots of time spent working on new music and writing more riffs for the upcoming Cult album. This has meant that I’ve not been as busy hanging out as usual but I’ve still found time to fit in my motorcycle rides and hiking trips to the hills to get me out of the city plus get up to a couple of other exciting things… Like hooking up with the guys at BOSS pedals in the re-issue of their classic DM 2 Delay Pedal… Read the full article.

#PEACEROCKS event - Billy Duffy with John Varvatos

Back in the UK… and back to Cali…

Hey It’s really been a busy few weeks since my last update. When I flew back into England I really hadn’t expected it to be as busy as it was. After the excitement of teaming up with Johnny to play the encore in his show I had a few days in Manchester with my brother. It felt like I was hardly there long before I was off to London to catch up with a load of old friends there. On the 8th of September I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Jaguar XE at… Read the full article.

Billy Duffy - A contented man!

Jamming with Johnny Marr… and more news…

Hey, Whilst it’s only been a couple of weeks since my last update I’ve been so busy that I thought it worth catching up again. After my relaxing break in Spain I arrived in England and its been non stop, but really fun at the same time. Last week I spent a couple of days with Johnny Marr which included me guesting at one of his shows and only the second time ever that we’ve played live together despite being pals since the 1970s! You can read all about it here as well as check out some photos from the… Read the full article.

The Gretsch Trilogy Pt II

Brand new Limited Edition Signed Print… Coming soon…

Hey, Just getting in touch whilst enjoying a few days of luxury lifestyle in the sun in beautiful Marbella in Spain. I’m off to England next week and it will be great to catch up with my family and friends as I’ve not been home since last year and with a bit of luck I might catch a couple of games watching the Champions! Since my last update I played the last few dates of the US tour with The Cult and they were as great as the ones before. In fact since James joined the band last year I… Read the full article.