End of Days in LA


I’m back in California now and have been very busy finishing off the album. I did manage to take a bit of time to snap a few photos as from the feedback I’ve had I know these have been really popular and you’ve enjoyed a bit of a behind the scenes view in the studio. You can see my pics here…

My Fender Esquire, Nash Strat and Signature Falcon arrive at the studio…
The Billy Duffy Gretsch Falcon, Nash Strat & Fender Esquire

Fender/Gibson about to have a shoot out at the KO┬ácoral…fender/gibson about to have a shoot out at the ko coral

My Falcon (prototype 002) and semi obsolete Studer tape machine…My falcon and semi obselete studer tape machine

Dinner break .. the humans have to eat… almost over the line for recording…dinner break .. almost over the line for recording

My Nash Strat and mystery “movie projector amp” by Bell Howell…My nash strat and mystery "movie projector amp" by bell howell