Brand new interview


It’s been a while but I’ve been pretty busy so I thought you might like to checkout this interview that I’ve recently done with Mitch Gallagher for Sweetwater Guitars & Gear. Its over 40 minutes long and covers lots of stuff like my time growing up in Manchester, being in the Nosebleeds with Morrissey, joining Theatre of Hate, forming The Cult with Ian, song writing as well as gear like my Signature Gretsch White Falcon, Roland JC-120 and love of Boss guitar pedals.

Watch the interview now…

I’ll be back in touch in the New Year as I’m now heading off to recharge the batteries and make the most of some family time over the Holidays before I get back to working on the new album in January.
So I wish everyone a Happy Christmas, Happy Holiday… or Happy whatever you chose to worship… or otherwise 😉

b x