In The Studio – April 2015

“I’ve been back in the studio working on phase one of the album proper so here’s a few photos I’ve shot of my gear…”


GRETSCH G7593T BILLY DUFFY FALCON in the studio“Ready to rock… iced coffee and the BD Signature Falcon (the prototype 002).”


Billy Duffy's Marshall and Friedman amps in the studio“My Marshall JCM800 still standing after all the years of abuse (from both me and Jonesy) and Friedmans.”


Billy Duffy's flight cases in the studio
“These are my flight cases used to protect my amps and cabinets on tour as well as in storage between tours.
The G (Guitar) is just for my gear so the crew at the shows know to load them to my stage side which is always stage left (house right).”


Billy Duffy's Marshall 1973X Combo in the studio
“This is the Marshall 1973X Combo that I started and trying out during pre-production and liked the tone so much that it made it’s way into these album sessions.”


Billy Duffy's Marshall cabinet in the studio
“Alongside my combos up I’m also running my amp tops through this miked beat up Marshall Cabinet. This replicates my live set up where I like to combine the various amps to create my perfect tone. The Marshall 4x12s are from my touring rig and the ripped one is circa 1986 (with a vintage front put on it in 1988). Bob Rock and I had a laugh about this as it’s probably from the ‘Sonic Temple’ era and was used on that session… which was our first time with Bob at the helm!.”


Billy Duffy's Roland JC-77 combo in the studio
“Another combo to make the transition from pre-production to the actual sessions is this Roland JC-77 which is a like a compact version of my faithful JC-120. It give me all that it’s big brother does just in a smaller box!”


Billy Duffy's guitars in the studio
“Last but certainly not least is the guitars that I’ve played so far in this phase one of the songs on the album.
From left to right… The BD Gretsch Falcon, BD Custom Fender Esquire, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Jaguar, Nash ’63 Relic Esquire and Gibson J-200 Acoustic.
The only one that isn’t my own is the vintage Jaguar which was a recent purchase by Bob Rock. Funnily enough my good pal Johnny Marr was here in LA doing some movie soundtrack (and getting another tattoo!) and had had his eye on it in a shop that he and Bob frequent. I think Johnny was a teeny bit upset the Bob beat him to buying it!!
I’m back in the studio again this month for more guitarmaggeddon and I’ll post more photos soon.”
billy – May 2015