Hey, welcome to billyduffy.com!

“2013 is set to be a big year for me for a whole bunch of reasons. Probably the most import one at the moment is the launch of my Signature Gretsch White Falcon Guitar. I never could have believed when I saved up for my first one back in the Eighties that 30 years later Gretsch would be making one with my name on it! You can find out more about it here

The next big news is that I’m just about to start writing new songs with Ian for a new Cult album and we’re going to be out on the road later in the year which I’m really looking forward too.

Finally it’s my leap into the digital world… bringing you billyduffy.com. For years I’ve come close to getting my own site up and running but with all the recording and touring there never seemed to be the time. Well, with the launch of my White Falcon I finally got my shit together and with the help of ‘Team BD’ here it is!

This site is not a replacement to thecult.us, which is great of course and the first place to go for Cult news, it’s just a chance for me to share the personal stuff not just what’s going on with the band.
Those of you interested in my sound and how I get it should check out the Gear Section where you can read about all my guitars and equipment.

In the Stories section from time to time I’m going to be giving a personal insight into something cool and interesting from my career and I’ve kicked that off with my stories about my love affair with the ‘Gretsch White Falcon’, the‘Filming of the ‘Sanctuary’ video’ and my 2,000 motorbike road trip with a bunch of friends called the ‘Ducati All Stars’.

Since I started playing at the age of 14 I’ve kept important photos and items that personally mean a lot to me and in the Memora-billy-a section I’ve started to sort through these to share my personal memories. These items from my attic include some stuff hardly ever seen before and I’ve had great fun dusting them off to share here. All the photos are either one’s I’ve taken myself, press ones or have been given to me over the years by friends and fans. Where possible we’ve tried to credit people but if there’s anything of yours here that isn’t credited let us know and we’ll put that right (we’ll need some kind of proof though cos we only want to give credit where it’s due).

I’m really pleased with how this site is looking but like any website it’s ‘work in progress’ and we’ll be adding new stuff as we go along so keep checking back, sign up for the newsletter or even follow me on my new facebook page.

That’s it for now as I’ve got a busy few weeks with the Falcon Launch, see you soon…”