Nomads Football Club

“When the World Cup came to the USA in 1994 Ian got well connected with Adidas and we got quite close with some of the US players and the coach. We had a pick up game (at a place in Beverly Hills that Jonesy christened “Two Bob Park”) mostly with British guys and it evolved into a team called the Nomads. We even got Adidas to make us the shirts and it was just a fun thing at a time when football was getting a lot of interest in America.
We played in a league and we were pretty good and a lot of the guys we are still friends with 30 years later. Believe it or not I was actually the goal scoring striker and not because I ran the team... hahaha. Ian always played on the right.. the wing, midfield and even full back.
This was the home shirt and I obviously picked the colour on this... City blue... though with ‘Uruguay’ black shorts so it didn’t look too obvious. As me and Ian were running the team we got our record label Beggars Banquet to sponsor us too! There was also a white away shirt too.
Hollywood United was another team connected and a lot of the guys played for both including Ian for a while. Later I played for them but not at the same time as Ian.”

Billy - August 2019