Tour Bus Team Shot – 1995

“This “team shot” was taken on the US tour in 1995 and probably California.

Left - Right;
Anne-Kristin - my Norwegian girlfriend of the time who had come over to jump on the bus and see America.
Gavin Juniper - ex Under 2 Flags singer and all around great friend. He was the official band ‘viber’ for the Cult sessions in Vancouver 1994 and then on this tour… a job in which he excelled. He was also my sometime flatmate and tour roommate.
James Stevenson (Guitar) – ex Chelsea, Generation X, Gene Love Jezabel etc, etc… done a couple of stints in The Cult and currently doing the business with The Alarm, GLJ and Holy Holy… amongst others!
Craig Adams (Bass) – ex Sisters of Mercy, The Mission… after this tour with us he did Coloursound with me and Mike Peters… now plays with James and Mike in The Alarm as well as Spear of Destiny… with another old mate Kirk Brandon!
Tour Manager Michael – we hooked up with this guy the month before when we played the Big Day Out shows down under and he did a great job… but as an Aussie prone to very questionable shorts… hahaha.”
Billy - October 2019