Warming up for a show… May 1987

"This pic of me was taken by one of the crew back stage at one of The Cult US shows in May 1987.
It had occurred to me that I had arms that looked like chickens legs once I started to wear sleeveless shirts around the 'Electric World Tour' period so in order to ‘man up’ my arms I started to lift a few weights. I also was trying to keep fit in general as I was (erm) having quite the time of it in the rock n roll festivities department... I knew I had to do something healthy if I wanted to last the course!
Oh and yes my legs do look like bits of knotted string too hahahaha... I had what I call rock n roll legs... look great onstage in leather trousers... not so good in shorts!!!"
Billy - September 2016

Photo courtesy of Andy Bell