“Funhouse Fan Boy”… Stooges Cassette signed by Iggy

"Back in 1987 we had the opportunity to play with Iggy Pop on some dates in Europe so we jumped at the chance. I think I was chatting with "Jim" after a show, possibly at an Airport in Germany, and I went all fan boy on him and he was gracious enough to sign this cassette that I had with me. I'm never too far away from some Iggy music even to this day... kind of a "when in doubt Stooges out" policy!
In the end we became close with Iggy and the following year while we were recording 'Sonic Temple' in Vancouver he played a show there and I jumped up and played 'I wanna be your dog' with him and his band. Then (this is a true story) Iggy jumped on the back of Ian's Harley and rode to the studio after the gig and recorded the spoken word vocals in the middle of the track 'New York City'...
long live the Pop..."
Billy - September 2016