The Cult set list 04-08-18

Set lists are an important part of making a show work as aside from the obvious of picking the 'right' songs for each show and the order to play them in they also help with the production side.
As well as helping lighting and sound guys know what song comes next they are also are integral for the guitar techs in supporting the band.
This set list from The Cult show at Foxwood Resort & Casino, Connecticut on 4th August 2018 belonged to Billy's guitar tech Matt McKenna and here's his explanation of his handwritten notes;

"Billy uses radio pack's rather than cables to his amps and sometimes you have to swap a pack/channel to make the set list work. So I find it's best to work it out beforehand and make notes on my set list copy of what radio packs each guitars have. My codes are B=Blue and R=Red for the packs and switcher which are color coded. Plus we've also added a third channel dedicated to backup guitars.
The codes for guitars on this list are;
BF= Black Falcon
WF = White Falcon
LP = Les Paul Custom Proto
LP>D = Les Paul Custom 57 tuned drop D
ESQ = Nash '63 Relic Esquire"

Photo Courtesy of Mike Morton