“Rock The Pines” Set List 20-10-2018

Set list from The Alarm "Rock The Pines" show at Desert Pines Golf Club in Las Vegas on 20th October 2018 which Billy did a guest spot at.

"I've been best friends with Mike Peter's of the Alarm for many years now and have always tried to support his charity 'Love Hope Strength Foundation' whenever I can. This month I had a gap in my calendar and was able to join him and a bunch of great people on his "Rock The Canyons" hike in support of LHS.
After the hike was over The Alarm played this show and myself and Robin Wilson from Gin Blossoms played as guests... we'd also both done the hike.
If you check the list you can see 4 Cult songs listed including 'Ran' which was meant to be 'Rain' but we didn't actually play that one in the end anyhow. We did play 'Hollowman', 'Revolution' and 'Sanctuary' as they were the three that Robin selected as his faves!!
I returned the favour and played on two Gin Blossoms tunes ('Jealousy' and 'Found out about you') plus 'Strength' by The Alarm, Mike's sing along 'One guitar' before we all jammed the encore of the LHS theme tune!"
Billy - October 2018

Set list courtesy of Nancy Allen