Flyer for impromptu show at Anti Club in LA – 1984

“This flyer is from our first USA tour in 1984 when we didn’t even have a record deal there. It was very, very bare bones… so much so that we ran out of operating capital by this time!
We’d played the Music Machine, with the Meteors, the night before in our first ever LA show so arranged this impromptu one just to get some cash to basically eat and have “gas money” for the van hahahah.
It was a fun night at a hip club in West Hollywood but a tiny place and I remember having trouble fitting all our gear onstage. I think each of the four of us made $69 each .. along with some float cash and the night added to the legend of The Cult in Los Angeles.
This was the “flyer” to advertise that show and obviously done in a hurry as a Xerox so that support “Killer Wail” got the graphic not us… but bless Craig Lee for supplying the “better than the Banshees” quote!"
Billy - October 2019

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