The ‘Revolution’ is over…

Billy Duffy live with The Cult in Houston 2018

There’s a Revolution, yeah…

It’s been a really busy couple of months since I was last in touch as I’ve been with The Cult taking part in the Revolution 3 tour along with Stone Temple Pilots and Bush.
The concept, created in conjunction Live Nation, was to have three great bands play arena shows with each one playing for 1 hour and revolving the running order. It sounds a bit complicated but with a great bunch of guys behind the scenes (for all three bands) it soon got into a groove. What was great for us all was the opportunity to play larger size arenas than we could have if touring on our own as well as getting to take our music to each other’s fans.
It turned out to be the most fun tour I can remember in ages and the 30 shows seemed to go by real quick.
With so many great shows in fantastic venues it’s almost impossible to single any out but if I had to pick one it would probably be Red Rocks as it’s such a magical place and we played a great one.
Most important of all though is to thank all of you who made it along to the shows and helped make them the events that they were but especially those of you ‘addicts’ who trekked across the country to catch us more than once (if not several times) …. We know who you are 😉

The Cult Live on the Rev 3 tour 2018

Final thanks goes to all the of you who sent me your great photos and videos to share on my social media and which gave everyone else a chance to feel part of the ‘Revolution’ 🙂

Rock The Canyons…

Rock The Canyons 2018

As most of you know I’ve been a long-time supporter of the Love Hope Strength charity founded by my great friend Mike Peters. Over the years I’ve managed to join him on some amazing fund-raising events, like playing a show at the top of the Empire State Building, but often my ‘work’ gets in the way and I’m unable to take part. Thankfully with the Rev 3 tour now over I able to join Mike and his lovely wife Jules for the ‘Rock The Canyons’ hike in October that goes deep into the heart of the Grand Canyons of America including Bryce, Zion and Arizona’s Grand Canyon! It all ends with the ‘Rock The Pines’ finale concert where I’ll be performing as a special guest with Mike’s band The Alarm in Las Vegas on 20th October.

Rock The Pines 2018

If you’re interested in joining the hike or coming along to the show you can find out all the details here…

Pick up a pick Set

For those of you who missed out on the Rev 3 tour and the chance to pick up one of my signed Guitar Pick sets don’t worry as we still have some available at my online store.
There’s also very limited quantities of the signed Pop Art Metal signs (Red & Blue) too…


Billy Duffy Signed Pop Art Pick Set 2018

Now it’s back to a bit of rest and boring “life maintenance issues” (it’s amazing the things that accumulate on the “to do” list when you’re away for a couple of months) and if I can get that all sorted I’m then off on a relaxing bike trip upstate to see some pals

Billy x