The Cult ‘Electric 13’ Tour Dates News

“In my last message I told you that something big n fun was coming in the summer and here it is… ‘Electric 13’.
I’m out with The Cult on this tour are we’re going to play the whole ‘Electric’ album and it will be great to celebrate it with you in the same spirit as we did with the ‘Love Live’ tour a few years back.

Click here for a full list of the dates

Thinking of getting back out on tour made me look back at all the Set Lists in the Memora-biily-a section on my site and inspired me to tell the story behind creating the set lists, how we choose which songs to play, why we rarely play covers and playing encores. Read it here … ‘The louder you scream, the faster we go!”

I do have to say a big thanks to everyone who has taken time to send in photos of their personal copies of set lists from my career. If any of you have ones that you’d like to share that aren’t already featured then please email them to

It really is shaping up as another fantastic year as I’m getting news that my Gretsch Billy Duffy Falcon is finally hitting the stores and some of you lucky ones are getting your hands on your very own one. Trust me she’s a beauty and plays like a dream as any of you that make it to the ‘Electric 13’ shows will see!

So keep having fun and hope to see you soon”

Billy x