In the park 1992

“This pic was taken when we headlined the In The Park festival in Finsbury Park, London on 6th June 1992.
This was the period for us just after the ‘Ceremony’ album and tour where the new bands coming out of Seattle and bands inspired by the rock bands of the 80s played with established bands like us. Pearl Jam played too and it made for an eclectic and progressive line up and was clearly a period of a changing of the guard in terms of music and fashion in rock.
My hair was getting shorter too and the old backup Gretsch Country Gent was on display… all signs I saw which way the wind was blowing.
As for the gig itself I don’t remember too much to be honest… I was having way too much fun… if you know what I mean ha ha”

Billy – October 2021

Photo : Peter Cronin