Billy’s Electric Cut Off Denim Jacket

“I was always keen on getting bespoke stage wear and lots of it, like the Love era shirts, was made by my girlfriend at the time, Mich.
Whilst making Electric I was deeply into the Bon Scott cut off denim thing and decided get a biker style one made up. It was customized with German military logos and various bits on Americana that I’d picked up in truck stops touring with the band. The patches on the front were made from bandanas and the flag on the back is a Texas one as I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for there, since the first time I went in 1984. It became famous when I was pictured wearing it on the ‘Electric’ album cover and has become synonymous with that era of the band.
Unfortunately, like my “England” biker jacket from the Edie video (also made by Mich) it went missing in the nineties so when Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas were looking for something similar for The Cult display in 2007 Mich made up an exact replica and this is it.”

Billy - August 2019

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Auction on 25th October 2019