Billy & Jamie – Guitarist Magazine Jan 1990

"Around the time of Sonic Temple we were inundated with interview requests and in an attempt to do as many as possible we often split them up and Jamie and I would do the more rock and/or tech type magazines, for obvious reasons. This one in Guitarist Magazine from January 1990 is a great example.
Of interest is the brand new(ish) golden finish Seymour Duncan pickup in THE Falcon whereas the neck pickup has worn to a sliver colour over time and hard use, as has all the other hardware. It had all started out golden like the new pickup and this is the reason for me choosing nickel for my Signature White Falcon as it better represents the look of a stage worn one.
One other thing worth noting kids... never let them take photos from right under your chin... they tend to not look too sexy haha!!

Billy - April 2020