Billy’s ‘Electric 13’ Guitars

Billy's guitar rack on the last night of The Cult North American 'Electric 13' tour. From Left to Right there are two of Billy's Signature Gretsch White Falcons, his Gibson Custom Shop Flame Top Les Paul and his Gibson Les Paul Custom (Billy Duffy Prototype). The Gibson Les Paul at the front actually belongs to The Cult touring guitarist James Stevenson, as Billy explains here...
"It's James' 1970s Custom that had gotten knocked over during the encore in Pomona the night before and suffered a catastrophic crack to the neck near the headstock. Tom Webber my guitar tech was in the process of trying to repair it damage during the day in Ventura that's why that guitar is in my rack".
James added; "John Tempesta broke the headstock off it at the second to last gig. He felt worse than I did! Thankfully Tom did a great repair and now it's as good as new and ready to rock!"

Photo by James T. Branagan - LiveFromThePit