To Mum & Dad… 1984 Press Pic

"Like any parents whose child has moved away from home mine were no different in wanting photos and updates on how things were going. My mum loved to get press photos so I used to send them with notes and messages on the back and this is one of those.
It was taken at a session in London in 1984 with photographer Erica Echenberg and the funny thing about this one is that me, Ian and Jamie all turned up looking like we were in the same band BUT Nigel seemed to think he was in ABC... tailored suit with sleeves rolled up... hahaha. Nigel was actually a big fan of ABC's drummer, David Palmer and an interesting thing is I became friends with him years later after he played with Johnny Marr in The The and he's been Rod Stewart’s drummer for years now.
On a sartorial note I was wearing a Harley Davidson cap and matching belt buckle which was the seeds of my psychedelic biker look perfected during the 'Love' period."

Billy - July 2019