Live Satellite Show in London – 1986

“This was a fun evening playing a show at the Hippodrome in London that was broadcast live to the US and was one of the things that the post “Sanctuary” Cult started to get invited to play as we were beginning to be embraced by the mainstream UK music scene.
Strangely I don’t recall much about our show but do remember Midge Ure not having any amps onstage as he was using just the very first “amp modelling” devices created. They were designed by Tom Scholz, the guitar player from Boston, and were called the “Rockman” and were basically a “Walkman” for guitars…. hahaha..
I actually got one for home use but thought it witchcraft and heresy that Midge’s band were using these live and feeding them through their monitors… not using “real amps” at all!!!
It was actually very progressive of him but given his history that had included a stint in the Rich Kids (who I liked) post punk followed by the synth driven Ultravox and even Steve Strange’s band Visage in the 80s scene it actually makes sense he would go for that new technology.
As an aside he’s great bloke by the way.”
Billy - October 2019

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