The Cult present ‘The Sanctuary’ Poster – 1985

"When we toured the Love album in the UK in 1985 it was our plan to do some sort of after show but with a club vibe that was fun for us and the fans and not in any way a meet n greet.
At that point we just about managed to pull it off but I do remember thinking a couple of times it got a bit hairy with slightly worse for wear fans possibly a bit TOO excited to meet us!
There was no structure to the event other than us showing up and trying to chill and enjoy the music with some fans afterwards and as you can imagine as we got more famous it wasn't something we could repeat on subsequent tours! But they were very good times.
We called the night The Cult present 'The Sanctuary' and the poster was printed with a blank "at" space to allow the location to be written in and we'd put these up in the show venue on the night to promote it. This is one I kept for my personal collection.”
Billy - October 2019

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