Headlining “In the park” festival – 1992

“This was the first Cult London show post ‘Ceremony' where the new change in music had started to be evident. It was great to be part of that conversation and not be stuck in the past.... haha... forward thinking as ever we were.
Like all events such as this a ‘headliner’ needed to be found and in 1992 the Cult were it and we did do quite a few festivals in this period due to our status built up over the previous 8/9 years. Pink Pop in Holland and the trip down to South America also spring to mind.
It was deffo a period of ‘transition’ for both rock music in general and the Cult specifically as we adapted to the new musical landscape while still having headliner status.
It was cool that Pearl Jam were on the bill too as they were always huge Cult fans and we'd got to know them when they were called Mother Love Bone back in the late 80s Seattle. Their bassist Jeff Ament jumped up and played a tune with The Cult either at this show or another festival in this period where they were on the same bill as us ... he definitely did jam just not sure where... hahaha.”

Billy - October 2019

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