First ever Death Cult gig review

First ever Death Cult gig review from the gig at the Dance Factory in Dundee, Scotland.

“At the time we were doing our typical copy Led Zeppelin thing and avoiding shows in big cities in mainland England. We wanted to get the band going a bit first as there was so much expectation on the band because I’d been in Theatre of Hate, Ian had left Southern Death Cult, who everybody thought were going to be a huge band and Jamie and Ray were from a band called Ritual who were well known too. It was a bit like a post punk supergroup and we had a lot to live up to So the strategy was to play around and get the band together In this review Ian is down as Ian Lindsey as he was going by that name then as it’s his mothers maiden name, he also used that name on the initial Death Cult recordings too.”
Billy Duffy – January 2013