Death Cult Apocalypse Now Chic…

"This is a very, very early 'Death Cult' live shot taken at Danse Factory in Dundee on August 3rd 1983. You can see I've still got my Theatre of Hate era (and before) Fender Twin Amp and the Gretsch White Falcon looks very new, retaining all the gold gilded hardware (that I was not too crazy about, hence the change to silver on my Signature model).
Ahhh... and the clothes!!!.... well 'Apocalypse Now' was still the favorite movie of our little corner of Brixton so here I am mixing the 'green beret' (covering my 'faux hawk') and over-black dyed military fatigues.. I wont mention the leather "no socks" moccasins... It all came together for what now looks like an outfit representing both sides of the conflict in Vietnam ;)
In truth it was simply an attempt (for no money) to look like the silent soldier who had gone up the river with Colonel Kurtz and never came back... "sell the car... sell the wife... sell the kids... I'm never coming back"....
into the 'Heart of Darkness'...."

Billy - February 2016

Photo by Rob Brew