Letter from Billy’s school 1976

This letter was sent from Billy's school headmaster to his Mum and Dad in 1976 asking for their permission for him to use school premises for band practice. Billy explain's the story... “Rick Maunder, the bassist, was the officious one and he organized for us to rehearse at our school though it no longer exists as its been flattened. This was still Four Way Street but by then we’d changed singers, we’d replaced Mike McCann with Craig McKay. I remember in those rehearsals at school this band used to do a cover of ‘Born To Be Wild’ and Craig McKay nearly split his pants ‘cos its so high and he couldn’t get the notes! It’s germane to The Cult as we covered it on the ‘Electric’ album but I’d actually been playing it since back then. It was 1976 and I’d just seen the Sex Pistols with The Buzzcocks and Slaughter and The Dogs I was really getting into punk so we started to have musical differences and that was the point were the spilt was beginning to take place that would really focus in 1977.”