Queen in 1974

“I was still only 13 when I saw Queen on their “Sheer Hear Attack” tour at the Palace Theatre in Manchester on 30th October 1974. They opened up the show with “Now I’m Here” then later Brian May did a mind-blowing virtuoso solo to ‘Brighton Rock’. It just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was all using the analogue technology of the time; ‘echoplex’ tape delays to orchestrate his own solo and it was amazing. He used Vox AC30s and played with a sixpence as a plectrum. It’s really hard to explain because it’s very unique what he did, very organic and it was amazing.
I kept my ticket and sellotaped it to the tour programme pictured here with my Queen scrapbook showing the tour dates.”
Billy - August 2019

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