Billy’s Pips Membership 1977-78

In the late 1970′s there were very few clubs in Manchester playing the music that Billy was into. Pips was famous in the city as the place to hangout and it was even the location of the very first Joy Division gig in January 1978.
 Billy remembers, “Pips had countless dancefloors… but we only frequented the ‘Bowie/Roxy room’. All other sub species of music had a space but funnily enough despite what you think would happen there were very few fights even if they did bus in loads of punters from smaller towns to sample the delights of the city. I remember they even had a few punk gigs in there “The Boys’ and ‘Bernie Torme’ spring to mind. I never saw any bands there though as Pips was just where me and my mates used to go to drink, have fun and listen to all that music that’s on my band advert from that time. The photo on the membership is pretty funny as I was still wearing a rugby shirt but I remember buying a couple of pink t-shirts about then that I thought were really ‘punk rock’. Also it’s not one of my best haircuts but I was trying to get it a bit more punky as it was late 1977. At that time Bowie/Roxy room would play all of that plus some punk stuff but there were only a handful of punk records in existence in those days. By ’78 it had got a lot bigger though.”