Billy with his first ‘real’ band – 1976

“This photo was also taken in Rob Allman’s house but by this time we’d changed our name to Four Way Street . I think Johnny Marr has a cassette of as playing believe it or not! This is when the jam thing became a real band, we added Dave Clough (holding the red guitar) he was from the neighborhood but didn’t go to our school, the guy on the right in the blue shirt is singer Mike McCann, Rob is in the Celtic shirt holding the microphone, the guy in the white shirt playing the bass is Rick Maunder and that’s me with my head cut off. I’m playing my second guitar, which was an Antoria Fender Telecaster copy. I’d just seen Status Quo live and was really into them and the Telecasters they played, so I traded my black Les Paul copy and this was the only one I could get with the trade up. Even though Dave Clough is holding it, that red Hofner Very Thin guitar was Rob Allmans, it was his pride and joy. When I quit the band and we went our separate ways, due to punk, Rob left the drums behind and became a singer playing that guitar in a band with Johnny. This line up did a couple of gigs, one of which was in front of a load of old age pensioners two of whom were my next door neighbors, Mr and Mrs Vyner, which was ever to my embarrassment. Johnny Marr used to come and hang out and watch this band too before he started playing guitar. Rob Allman was a pretty good writer and we wrote some of our own songs one of which was called ‘Still waters run deep’. We used to cover ‘Snakeskin Cowboy’ by Ted Nugent, ‘Woodstock’ by Joni Mitchell and we also did ‘Ventura Highway’ by ‘America’ which is ironic as I know their singer really well now. We were very confused as we were half punk, half hippie west coast folk rock! This band was a social center and a lot of girls from school would hang around and come and watch us practice. Girls found you much more interesting when you were in a band, I was in the school football team but the band was more interesting to them!” Billy Duffy – January 2013