Between Theatre of Hate and Death Cult

“This was when I was working in a clothes shop in Kensington Market called Korpa Kontrol. This was the job I had to take after Theatre of Hate because I was broke. I literally had zero money and was struggling to pay rent, even though it was only £15 a week and at one point I was sleeping on somebodies floor!
I had a few bits of clothing, I was sleeping on a mattress but I still wouldn’t sell the ‘White Falcon’!
I remember making a conscious decision to look for a different image because I was no longer with band and wanted to try something new. At the time I was greasing back the hair, growing out the flat top and quiff just before I got the mohawk. The jacket was my prized grey RAF Helicopter pilot’s jacket that I wore when I was in Theatre of Hate and Kirk Brandon had one too. I was mixing the styles though, as the squiggle top I’ve got on is from the Vivienne Westwood shop ‘World's End’ and was also seen in a photo shoot with The Cult a couple of years later in Tokyo.”
Billy Duffy - January 2013