Advert for the Studio Sweethearts Single – 1979

“This is an advert for the first (and only) single by Studio Sweethearts who were the band I left Manchester and (sadly) Morrissey for!!!
In fairness, it was the chance to finally leave home and move to London to live the rock n roll dream AND a record deal with DJM (Elton John’s label) to boot.
I have to say, for the record, that I never liked the band name which was the idea of the manager Ken Scott... we all took notice as he used to manage David Bowie back in the day so who was I to be a naysayer haha...
Although Mick Rossi and Howard Bates came from the legendary Wythenshawe punk band Slaughter & The Dogs we were already moving away from that into a more mainstream rock sound.
Although the band only lasted one single before reforming S&TD we stayed friends and I even ended up sharing a flat with Howard a couple of years later.
Unfortunately, I seem to not have lost my puppy fat in this photo ;)”

Billy – January 2018