Whirlwind ‘The Bomb’ Pedal

Manufactured by Whirlwind, ‘The Bomb’  is a power house of a pedal and couldn’t be simpler, one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, which takes you from a gentle increase in volume and gain, for those subtle acoustic solos, all the way to eleven giving you as much boost as you can handle! The Bomb is also a great way to give your effects line a little added horse power to get the job done and drive your point home.

Billy explains how useful it is to him, ” It’s not an effect but a volume pedal. It literally just boosts the signal from the strings through to the amplifier, it sounds ridiculous to say it, a bit ‘Spinal Tap’, but it’s a pedal that’s really, really useful. For example if I’m playing a really heavy section of a song and I want to go straight into a clean section sometimes you’ll lose the volume so this pedal helps by keeping the volume whilst the tone changes. I do also use it if I need to go to an ’eleven’ on a guitar solo in addition to the overdrive pedals for like really screaming lead and feedback. Between me and you it’s never on ‘eleven’, it goes to ‘eleven’ for a joke but I’ve never had it on more than five or six.”