Nash ’63 Relic Esquire – Inca Siver

Billy’s custom made Nash ’63 Relic Esquire has become one of his favourites since he picked it up in 2011. So much so that he recently got Bill Nash to make him another but with a twist.

Billy explains, “Unlike my first one that features a choice of humbucking or single-coil tones, this new one includes the ‘Duffy’ signature pickup. So I’ve basically added the pickup from my signature Gretsch Falcon to a solid body ‘Fender style’ guitar. It was an experiment that’s turned out great and I’m really enjoying the sound of this style guitar. It also looks great in Inca Silver with rosewood neck and relic finish.
Along with the White Falcon and my Les Pauls it’s gonna be a mainstay of the sound on the new Cult album.”
Billy Duffy – February 2015

Nash Esquire with Billy Duffy Signature Pick Up