Matchless DC-30 Amplifier

“I’m a big fan of Matchless. Their amps were introduced to me by Bob Rock when I was recording ‘Sonic Temple’. At that time, though working with other bands, Bob had discovered this amp builder in Los Angeles who created one of the first bespoke ‘Boutique’ amps. They were no longer factory mass produced but handmade in small numbers and very expensive but very high quality. Bob turned me onto them and I used them in the studio but didn’t use them live until after the ‘Ceremony’ tour. At that point I finally went and bought one in Los Angles and started using it in sessions and stuff.
They’re a great sounding combo amplifier, better than a Vox AC 30 and better than a Fender Twin. In 1997 I was given a Manchester City shirt and it had a sticker of the new team badge so I stuck it on my Matchless Amp and it’s remained there since.
I own two of these and recently in 2011 I had Matchless put them put in new black boxes, whereas previously they were burgundy.”
Billy Duffy – January 2013

Here’s a pic of the amp backline used by Billy for gigs in 2011…

Billy Duffy Backline Amps