Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal

On the top of this Klon KTR overdrive pedal is printed ‘Kindly remember: the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making’.
The reason for this statement is the fact that the original Klon Centaur is one of the most sought-after effects pedals ever! It was created by Bill Finnegan between 1990 and 1994 and about 8,000 were made before they ceased production in 2000. In 2014 Finnegan started to produce a new edition of the known as the KTR overdrive pedal possessing almost exactly the same sound as the original Centaur.

“When I was making the last two Cult albums with Bob Rock I used a classic “Centaur” as he has one in his collection. As the originals are fetching upwards of $1500… if you can even find them… I’m very happy to have found the KTR modern version which does the same job but can stand the rigors of road use.”
Billy – May 2018