Gretsch 2003 White Falcon

“Back in 2007 we were finishing recording ‘Born Into This’ with Youth in London. We were on a very limited time schedule as we’d slotted in the session just before we did some dates in Europe. The ridiculousness of touring sometimes is that because of international shipping constraints all the gear has to go together in one big container. To have pulled individual guitars out two weeks before the tour to go to the recording in London was a big problem so I ended up borrowing stuff.
It turned out that a good friend of mine owned a White Falcon that he was selling through the New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium, which also happened to be in the next street to the studio where we were recording. So I borrowed the guitar for the session and it was great so I ended up buying it.
The irony of the story is that my friend who sold it to me had originally bought this White Falcon because he loved my original ‘Sanctuary’ one!”
Billy Duffy – January 2013

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