Gordon Smith Guitar

“Most people now know about me becoming friends with Steven Morrissey in the late 1970s and playing and writing songs together with The Nosebleeds before heading off on our own successful musical careers.
In 2017 the film ‘England is Mine’ was released focusing on that period of Morrissey’s life so obviously I was a character in it and even consulted on the movie.
To make the scenes of us authentic UK guitar manufacturer Gordon Smith approached to supply guitars based on the one I played in those early days. At the time when I bought it, in Manchester, it was as close as I could get in style and affordability to a Johnny Thunders “Chinese Rocks” Les Paul TV Junior.
It is pictured here with actor Adam Lawrence who played the young “Billy Duffy” in the film.”

Billy – August 2019

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Auction on 25th October 2019