BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive Pedal

The Waza Craft line SD-1W Super Overdrive hot rods this classic BOSS booster pedal without losing its timeless character. For starters, the master pedal makers at BOSS reengineered the original SD-1’s discrete, all-analog circuitry, using premium components and a redesigned topology to clean up the overall sound. So even when you’re running it in Standard mode, the SD-1W delivers the classic smooth and articulate overdrive sound that made the SD-1 legend, but with less noise and greater articulation than ever. Flip it over to Custom mode, and you get treated to super-fat bass and an extra helping of gain. Both of the SD-1W’s modes are nothing short of astonishing.

“Another pedal that Jamie passed onto me when he joined Death Cult (and swapped guitar for Bass) was his BOSS OD1. I used that as Overdrive in the early years of the band and this ‘Waza Craft’ updated one “does exactly what it says on the box” i.e. it gives option to add more bass bottom end tone and sustain without making the effect too boomy. That’s desirable in all overdrives as the bane of using them was that the sound got thinner (more trebly) when you switched it on. That’s been resolved by the ‘Waza’ version and allows BOSS to offer ’boutique’ pedal finesse on a more readily available model.”
Billy – March 2015