Boss BF-2 Flanger Pedal

With the classic BOSS BF-2 Flanger, a flanging effect is produced by combining the original signal with an electronically delayed signal. Using four controls, you can tailor a variety of sounds–from dynamic jet-plane effects to short delay, chorus and vibrato sounds.

Billy says “I use all BOSS delays and I use their flanger and the Super Overdrive, still, on occasion. When I was in Theatre of Hate prior to The Cult I didn’t have any effects, I had the Gretsch White Falcon and one overdrive pedal but it was quite a clean sound. So when Jamie joined I inherited those pedals and started to experiment. Its very much part of the early Death Cult and Cult sound and features heavily in the ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Fire Woman’ intros. They’re part flanger part phaser MXR100, but the phaser is very minimal and there’s times I can do without it.”

Boss Bf-3 Flanger